About Boltspace

Boltspace has now closed it's physical space

Our Story                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
BOLTspace had very simple origins: As established artists, we wanted to show case our work and hopefully the work of other local and regional artists.

Why BOLTspace?
The building at 395 High Street literally gave us our name: In 2017, it was hit by lightning.  It sparked an idea: why not use the space as an art place for artists?

We host invitation-only exhibitions with emerging and established artists several times a year, which allows us to carefully curate new work and enable artists to engage directly with potential collectors. To find out more about our upcoming shows, visit our exhibitions page.

Our space has also been used for community art events such as Artastique and the up coming IF Festival, which provide great opportunities for artists, musicians, writers and our local community to gather and just enjoy art.

Sally Anderson-Barwell


Sally is an accomplished painter in the expressionist to abstract mould and has been practicing for a good deal of her life. Her work is lush in its surface and expresses her personal artistic journey.

Have a look at her works here

Andrew Bennett


Andrew has been exhibiting for 30 years and is at the opposite end of the painting spectrum, producing works with conceptual realism. His work is striking in its realistic representation of unusual concepts.

Have a look at Andrew’s most recent works (link to his works)