Indigenous Collectors Exhibition

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Pansy Napangarti

Travelling women

Acrylic on canvas 1210×1820
2000 central desert
Two young girls represented by their foot prints are gathering bush tucker. They are watched by an old Tjackamarra man who is singing love songs to them from a nearby hill


Dorothy Robertson Napargarti

Womens dreaming

Acrylic on canvas 1180×1195 1997 central desert Womens dreaming




Black & Orange

Acrylic on canvas 1220×2130 2002 central desert


Nancy Kunoth Petyarre

Body Paint

Acrylic on canvas 1690×1240 1995 central desert Body Paint style



Orange &Purple

Acrylic on canvas 925×1520 2001 central desert



Maureen Hudson

Flying ant dreaming

Acrylic on canvas 740×1005 1993central desert


Gloria Petyrre

Falling leaves Acrylic on canvas 910×1220 2003


Warlimpirrgna Tjapaltjarri

Tingari Dreaming Acrylic on canvas 1225×1530 2001 central desert


Pansy Napagati

Honey Ants Acrylic on canvas Small 1998central desert


Roy Link

Emu Lithograph 900×600 1998


Roy Link

Kangaroo Lithograph 900×600 1998


Judy Watson Napangati

MinMina Vine Acrylic on canvas 1200×900 2010 Medicine vines


Dr George Tjapaltjarri

Acrylic on canvas 1225×1520
2001 central desert Timgarri man turned to stone around Lake MacDonald WA